10 Risky Areas In Lekki/Ajah To Verify Before You Buy A Property

Demolition season in Lagos is in full swing and owners of Multi-million Naira Mansions in Lekki/Ajah Environs are living in constant fear not knowing whether their house will be the next one to crumble under the bulldozer because the house they bought either has no valid government title, has questionable Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) or Governor’s Consents, absence of building plans, is built close to the canal or government easements or has a court case hanging on it.


Many of these owners of houses in Lekki Estates were swayed by polished Instagram Videos of persuasive Agents marketing these properties without paying attention to due diligence. Many of them bought these houses due to the pressure of the Agent telling them to buy them quickly because other people were on the property ( Real or Imaginary). Many of them were swayed by the marketing gimmick, lies and bullshit of the Developer or Agent to buy these houses and many were extremely ignorant about how to buy a house in Lekki and just had Millions to spend without verifying.


A common regret now unites these homeowners is that they all live in fear and wish they did not buy these houses in these areas without verifying them. Below are 10 areas in the Lekki/Ajah axis of Lagos that you must be wary about to investigate every land or house you want to buy unless sorry would be your name and lest you find yourself in a position of regret:


1. Orchid Road Caution: Buyers should be wary of properties on Orchid Road, where many homes lack proper titles and are pending the Governor’s consent. Additionally, many of these properties are without approved building plans, with some constructed on canals & government easements, leading to ongoing demolitions.


2. Ikota Axis Warning: The Ikota area is notorious for estates filled with homes that have incomplete title documents and lack building plan approvals. Properties obstructing canals due to developer sand-filling and lacking the Governor’s consent are common, marking this area as another potential demolition zone.


3. Lekky Palm City Badore Risks: In Lekky Palm City Badore, numerous homes with incomplete documentation are a concern. Properties falsely claimed by owners with counterfeit C of O and dubious Governor’s consents are prevalent, especially those built near canals, hinting at impending demolitions.


4. Monastery Road Red Flags: Prospective buyers should be cautious of Monastery Road, where lands are often sold with questionable title documents, fraudulent gazettes, and governor’s consents. Many of these lands are reportedly owned by the Oba of Lagos, and unauthorized sales by developers could lead to serious legal troubles.


5. Chevron Extension Issues: Chevron Extension is rife with properties featuring fraudulent governor’s consents and incomplete title documents. The area is also affected by cloned Ojomu Deeds of Assignment, indicating widespread property-related problems.


6. Lekky County Extension Disputes: The Lekky County Extension is embroiled in controversies over disputed C of O and ongoing land-related court cases. Buyers often find themselves with unallocated lands & houses with documents that cannot be perfected, leading to excessive complications.


7. Behind LBS Sangotedo Dangers: The area behind Lagos Business School in Sangotedo is fraught with land sales scams, including fake gazettes and lands sold by Omoniles under false pretences as part of government schemes. The extent of documentation fraud in this area is alarming.


8. Okun Mopo and Mopo Ibeju Cautions: Dubious land sales are rampant in Okun Mopo and Mopo Ibeju, with unsuspecting buyers acquiring lands outside approved gazettes or without proper C of O.


9. Ogombo Community Scrutiny: In Ogombo, lands are sold to unsuspecting buyers outside the approved gazettes or without C of O. The community is currently reassessing documents due to the prevalence of houses sold by developers without proper title documents or approved plans.


10. Alpha Beach Road Risks: Alpha Beach Road is notorious for lands sold without title documents. Buyers risk purchasing properties outside the official gazette, which could lead to regrettable outcomes.


I hope this helps you stay safe and avoid scams in Lekki. Before buying any house in these areas, pause and double-check everything before paying for the property to avoid stories that touch the heart. In this hard economy, money is not easy to come by to throw away.



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