25 Years Of Conceiving Joy

In March 1999 The Bridge Clinic Limited commenced the delivery of fertility healthcare services with a core mission: to provide Nigerians with world class specialized and comprehensive fertility and reproductive health treatment, hitherto lacking in the country.

For 25 years we have blazed the trail in advanced fertility treatments in Nigeria, bringing succour to over one thousand families, and pioneering the development of new and improved fertility treatments that are currently applied in ART clinics worldwide.

As the first focused fertility clinic in the country, we have achieved numerous pioneering feats, including the birth of the first babies by Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Nigeria in 2000

Our dedication to excellence and uncompromising quality assurance systems led to our becoming the first clinic in Africa to be awarded an ISO 9001 quality management certification in 2004: a reflection of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and patient care.

Innovation, excellence, honesty, and an ethical approach are fundamental values at the heart of our operations. These principles not only guide our approach to healthcare but also sets us apart as a leading institution in the industry.

Consistently high pregnancy rates and the birth of over 3000 babies testify to our unwavering dedication to delivering successful outcomes for our patients and reaffirm our position as a trusted leader in fertility treatments. Furthermore, the annual verification of these results by Alexander Forbes, Nigeria’s leading consulting actuaries, underscores our commitment to transparency, accountability, and maintaining the highest standards of care.

From inception, we have prioritized excellence in patient care, medical expertise, and ethical practices and have been instrumental in providing high-quality reproductive healthcare services to both men and women. This includes comprehensive fertility assessments, counselling, and personalized treatment plans to address various reproductive health issues. Our commitment to excellence in reproductive healthcare has had a positive impact on the lives of many individuals and families in Nigeria.

We have been an advocate for patients struggling with infertility and reproductive health issues. By raising awareness, providing support, and advocating for improved access to fertility treatments, we have contributed to reducing the stigma associated with infertility and promoted a greater understanding of reproductive health issues in Nigeria.

For over a decade we have run a public-private partnership in collaboration with Lagos State University Teaching Hospital as a major plank of our corporate social responsibility ethos. This partnership has enabled us to subsidise the cost of IVF, making high quality, affordable fertility treatments available for the first time in Nigeria.

Over a thousand couples have been treated under this scheme and many couples have since become proud parents.

We are actively involved in community outreach programs aimed at raising awareness about reproductive health, infertility, and available treatment options. By engaging with communities, we help to educate the wider public and promote a greater understanding of reproductive health issues, contributing to positive changes in attitudes and perceptions related to infertility and reproductive healthcare.

We place a strong emphasis on patient education and support, providing resources, counselling, and guidance to patients navigating the challenges of infertility. By prioritizing holistic care and emotional support, we create a supportive environment for individuals and couples undergoing fertility treatments.

We have played a key role in advancing medical education and training in Nigeria and have provided numerous opportunities for healthcare professionals to receive specialized training in the field of reproductive medicine, contributing to the development of a skilled workforce in this critical area of healthcare.

Additionally, our emphasis on staff training and development, including initiatives such as providing general business knowledge and collaboration with international experts, reflects our dedication to maintaining a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. From inception, we have been involved in research and innovation in the field of reproductive medicine. By participating in research projects and clinical trials, we have contributed to the advancement of scientific knowledge and the development of new and improved fertility treatments.

The recent establishment of The Bridge Clinic, London, by the founders represents a significant expansion that will provide access to an international network of experts to support our Nigerian operations. This initiative not only ensures that our Nigerian operations continue to meet international benchmarks but also provides a wider platform for the training of Nigerian staff, further enhancing our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

.As we broaden our horizons, we continue to inspire greater confidence in our stakeholders and reaffirm our position as a leading healthcare institution in Nigeria and beyond.

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