Abati Slams Seyi, Yinka Tinubu For ‘Loitering’ Around Aso Rock


A former media aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reuben Abati, has criticised President Bola Tinubu’s sons, Seyi and Yinka Tinubu, for what he called their loitering around the Presidential Villa seat of power in Abuja like “jobless invalids.”

Abati, now a TV anchor, voiced his concerns during Wednesday’s edition of Arise News Channel’s ‘The Morning Show,’ which he co-anchors with others.

Expressing disappointment in the President’s children’s apparent lack of independent livelihoods, Abati urged the duo to pursue meaningful endeavours instead of relying solely on their
father’s position. He empathised with their wives, suggesting they might feel embarrassed by their husbands’ apparent dependence on their father.

Abati remarked, “We must question what the president’s children do for a living. By their age, I had achieved significant milestones in my life, including earning a PhD at 24, without relying on any father.

“People need to reach a stage in their lives where they can stand independently. It’s unacceptable for adults to linger around like invalids simply because of their father’s position.

“Privileged children sometimes take it too far, potentially causing embarrassment to their spouses who endure the consequences of their husbands’ dependency.”

Abati’s comments followed the President’s sons’ participation, alongside other dignitaries, in an official trip undertaken by Tinubu to Qatar last week.

LEADERSHIP reports that sometime last year, President Tinubu openly rebuked Seyi for having the audacity to join high-level meetings of government at the Aso Rock Villa uninvited, telling his security aides to stop further indulgence of his son at state functions.

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