CCTV captures animal turning into human being at night (Watch Video)

A rare video captured by a Closed-Circuit TV camera, CCTV of an animal like figure turning into a human being at night.


The video shared on social media has caused a stir as many react differently to the content. The CCTV camera nearby in the vicinity is reported to have captured an animal which turned into a human being who walked into a house.


In the video, it would be seen that cat walking on the other side side of the road seem shocked as it watched the animal transformed into a human being.


A lot of social media users have debated over its genuiness as it looked strange to many.



@AD.dress: “I have seen this years ago, a cat changed to a woman in the middle of the night when I went to pee as a little child, my family don’t believe it. I still remember that event clearly”.


@Cd.accessories: “I wanted to say it’s a lie. But the cat was shook as well”.


@Smith30: “Not edited bro 😮😮😮 look at the cat 🐈”.


@Tife: “I’m try to figure out the animal he changed from I have so many questions to ask that guy



What if he tries to change back to human and the thing no work again so he will be an animal forever”.


@Ansley: “What will you do if you w

ere the cat”.



Watch the video below.





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