Ex-Real Madrid Star, Robinho Fights Against His Jail Term In Brazil’s Supreme Court


The lawyers of Robinho approached Brazil’s supreme court earlier today, March 21, to appeal that the 9-year sentence slammed on their client should be suspended.

What happened to Robinho?

After Robinho had played for Santos, Real Madrid, and Manchester City, he joined the Italian Serie A club, AC Milan, in 2010 and played for the club until 2015.

During that period, the 2005 World Soccer Young Player of the Year winner was allegedly involved in a gang rape at a Milan nightclub in 2013.

He was found guilty of the allegation and was sentenced to 9 years in prison in 2017 while he was playing for a Brazilian club, Clube Atlético Mineiro.

His lawyers appealed the judgment and they won the appeal in 2020. Unfortunately for him, the judgment was re-established in 2022 in the Italian Supreme Court.

But Robinho wasn’t sent to jail because he was in Brazil and the country doesn’t give room for its citizens to be extradited even with an international warrant of arrest.

Hence, Italian authorities had to write the Brazilian government to allow Robinho to serve his 9-year jail term in Brazil.

Earlier this month, the appeal court in Brazil ruled in favour of the request from Italy. But the lawyers of the 40-year-old retired footballer had to appeal the judgment at the Supreme Court on Thursday.

It is left to be seen whether Brazil’s supreme court will uphold the 9-year jail term of the 100-cap Brazil international.


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