Experts List Gains As Nigeria Leads African Solid Minerals Body

Experts and other stakeholders in the solid minerals sector have started counting the gains of Nigeria’s emergence as the chair of the Association of African Ministers of Solid Minerals also known as Africa Minerals Strategy Group (AMSG).

The minister of solid minerals development, Dr Dele Alake, is the pioneer chairman of the group of 15 African countries which are major players in the industry.

In a reaction to the choice of Alake to lead the group, the experts under the Nigerian Mining Stakeholders through their spokesperson, Alhaji Mohammed Abba Liman, said it was a groundbreaking event that will activate activities in the country.

Liman said the development would also shape the current administration’s efforts to diversify the economy through global strategic investments.

Liman, who is also the chief executive officer of Daroo Nigerian Limited, a mining company, said the African ministers’ group was formed to promote the exploration, marketing and strategic investments in solid minerals in African countries for maximum benefits for the over 15-member countries.

Among the member countries are Namibia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Chad, Botswana, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Liman, who issued a statement on the development, said, “The appointment of (Alake) is a groundbreaking development that will further open multi-billion dollars investment opportunities in Nigeria‘s solid minerals sector to global investors.

“This is what the stakeholders have been canvassing for years until the coming of Dr. Dele Alake as the minister of solid minerals development.

“We are glad that he is heading the Association of African Ministers of Solid Minerals known as Africa Minerals Strategy Group (AMSG).

“There is no doubt that for him to be elected as the pioneer chairman is a validation and recognition of his proactive and result – oriented global marketing of Nigeria‘s solid minerals investment opportunities.

“As has been widely reported, the positive track record of his performance as the minister within a short period of time has transformed the solid minerals development activities in the country”, he said.

Penultimate week, Dr Alake was unanimously elected the pioneer chairman of the group on the sidelines of the 30th edition of Investing in Africa Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa.

Signing the resolution by the African leaders, Alake charged members „to forge a common front to get maximum benefits from the mineral resources on the continent“.

The minister also added that, „the era of carting away solid minerals is over“ while urging countries on the continent to speak with one voice because, according to him, ”Today, there is economic scramble for Africa. The critical metals needed for the energy transition are in Africa.”

„Therefore, if we do not come together this time around and take our destinies in our hands, we will go through the same harrowing experiences of the past. That is why we formed this body.

“Let those who want our minerals know that if you go to country A, you have the same regulations and laws guiding the sector. You go to country B; you find the same. So, there is no divide and rule anymore.

„That is when we can show sincerity of purpose, and the world will begin to take Africa seriously. On behalf of our president, I pledge our full support to achieve our objectives“, Alake said.


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