Facts About Postinor-2 They Never Tell You Could Be Harmful



Facts about ECs


– Unprotected sexual Intercourse consequences: one of the most common causes of anxiety in young ladies


– Postinor-2 is not the most effective emergency contraceptive


– Postinor-2 may the most accessible


Facts about Postinor-2


– Contains a special hormone chemical called progesterone (levorgestrel)


– It should be taken within 72 hrs after UNPROTECTED SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.


– Postinor-2 works by preventing the eggs from releasing from the egg basket.


– It may change your period cycle. You are perfectly OK… No more DMs. Plus, be truthful to your doctor. Stop letting him rack his poor head😄😄


– It may need to be taken again if a lady has severe vomiting.


– It will not work for you after you pass your ovulation time.


– You may have Nausea, vomitting


There are other emergency contraceptive pill called Ulipristal… More effective than Postinor-2…

It must be prescribed by your doctor…





Yes, … But be safe… if you don’t want pregnancy… no sex during ovulation and after


– The overall best emergency contraceptive is the Copper Intrauterine Device (IUCD)


– The IUCD has the least failure rate


– Most ladies want a on the go contraceptive…so may prefer tabs


– Well, taking Postinor-2 is a waste of time after having sex post- ovulation


– The copper IUCD makes life difficult for the sperm like some economies I know… They frustrate the sperm and It gives up… They are effective in doing that.


– The Copper IUCD prevents the sperm from achieving his goals of Fertilisation (meeting the egg) and forming a baby…


-It can be used within 5 days of unprotected sexual intercourse.


– You may have mild tummy pain and discharge.


– It must be inserted by a specialist on contraceptives.



Use of Lime, lemon, salt, sugar, soap….all sorts… including Vitamin C… Cynthia, it’ll not work for you…


You didn’t just get pregnant that cycle…so you thought it worked!

Stop harmful practices and stay safe dears!



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