Five Reasons Why You Must Not Bath Everyday

Although two showers a day may be necessary for healthcare workers, construction workers, or people who work out later in the day.” But showering too often when you don’t have that personal, essential need, like getting dust and grime or germs cleared off.


When you shower too much, you dry out your skin, especially if you are scrubbing with an abrasive material or soap. “You can deplete the essential oils, lipids, and bacteria that help your skin fight off inflammation, maintain a smooth look and reinforce its protective barrier,” Dr. Sonpal says.Continue Reading


Worse, people with conditions like psoriasis or eczema could end up exacerbating their condition by showering too much. Though it’s not visible, our bodies have built-in sanitation systems that help keep us clean, even when we’re not scrubbing in warm water daily, Dr. Sonpal explains. Societal pressures might lead us to believe we are dirtier than we are, but these reasons not to shower every day can help you figure out what your best shower rhythm is;


1. You Need That Bacteria

There is a delicate balance of microorganisms on the skin, and if it’s disrupted with a harsh soap, the skin is left vulnerable to the emergence of more problematic organisms. Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, MD, reported in the Harvard Health Publishing Blog that “Our immune systems need a certain amount of stimulation by normal microorganisms, dirt, and other environmental exposures in order to create protective antibodies and immune memory.” This is one reason why bathing daily can be considered harmful, as over time, Dr. Shmerling explained, the showers might reduce the ability of the immune system to do its job.


2. You’re Drying Out Your Hair

Washing your hair each day can strip it of natural oils, which can make your hair dull, dry, or frizzy. According to Andrea L. Hayden, director of the International Association of Trichologists, you should only be washing your hair two times per week, especially if you have fine, weak, or damaged hair. On the days when you don’t wash, you can still condition to help rebuild moisture, according to Hayden. If you’re taking a shower because your hair appears greasy or flat, you can mist it with some dry shampoo or oil-absorbing powder instead.


3. You’re Drying Out Your Skin

You might like a long, hot shower, but your skin doesn’t. The hot water pulls the natural oils from your skin, which protect it and keep it hydrated and healthy. Dry, cracked skin can allow bacteria and allergens to breach the barrier healthy skin should provide, leading to skin infections, acne, or allergic reactions. If you already have eczema, a hot shower will exacerbate it, leaving you with inflamed, itchy skin. In general, Dr. Lortscher does not suggest hot showers at all to people who suffer from skin inflammation issues — instead, he suggests cool or warm showers to keep the skin calm.


4. You’re Messing With Your Scalp Health

The scalp is a delicate ecosystem. If it’s washed too frequently, it loses its protective oils, and if it’s not washed frequently enough, you can experience a buildup. “If you wash your hair once or twice a day, you can develop dermatitis, (both seborrheic and contact dermatitis) and fungal issues in the scalp.


So, if you are struggling to pinpoint the right showering schedule for yourself, especially if you notice “heavy flake shedding, and yellowish or even pink scabs or building up,” it’s time talk your general practitioner or dermatologist about a treatment or shower plan that’s right for you.



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