Healthy Benefits Why Adult Should Drink Breast Milk

In recent years, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether it is healthy for an adult to drink brèast milk. From a health perspective, the jury is still out as to what impact drinking brèast milk as an adult might have.


While some believe that it is beneficial for adults to consume mother’s milk, others believe it to be a dangerous prospect. This article will discuss the potential pros and cons associated with drinking brèast milk as an adult, as well as explore the current scientific research available on the subject.



According to medicinenet, Proponents of drinking brèast milk as an adult cite a number of potential benefits. They point out that breàst milk contains all the necessary macro and micronutrients to sustain an adult’s health and that it can act as a source of hormonal modulation, as well as help to boost the immune system.


In addition, brèast milk can be especially beneficial for those individuals with allergies or other food intolerances, as a much of the allergens present in cow’s milk can be avoided by drinking brèast milk. Furthermore, it has been suggested that the high levels of lauric acid found in brèast milk can help to fight viruses, bacteria, and other infections.



On the other hand, there are several potential negatives associated with drinking brèast milk as an adult. Firstly, there is the fact that the milk is being consumed from a woman who is not the intended recipient. The milk was designed by nature to specifically fulfill a baby’s nutritional needs and may not be ideal for an adult.


Furthermore, the milk may not be free from disease-causing pathogens and even though it is generally safe, there cannot be any guarantee that it is clean and safe for consumption. Additionally, the milk could contain properties which are unsuitable for adult digestion and could potentially lead to a number of health issues.



From a scientific standpoint, there is surprisingly little research available on whether it is healthy for an adult to drink brèast milk. However, the limited research that does exist suggests that there may be potential health benefits from drinking brèast milk as an adult. For example, one study conducted at the Tufts University School of Medicine in 2019 observed that brèast milk consumption resulted in an improved response to oral antigens, a reduction in allergic diseases, and improved immune function. In addition, a 2020 study at the University of California Los Angeles revealed that the high levels of lauric acid in breàst milk is an effective antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent.



Ultimately, it is clear that much more research needs to be conducted in order to make a definitive statement on whether drinking breàst milk as an adult is healthy or not.


However, based on the current available evidence, it appears to be beneficial for individuals to consume mother’s milk for a variety of different reasons. It is important to bear in mind, though, that the individual’s overall health needs to be taken into consideration before taking the plunge and drinking breàst milk.



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