“Hell is on earth?” – Video of four men who met hell while mining goes viral

A video of four men encountering a terrifying phenomenon reminiscent of ‘hell’ while at mining has gone viral, capturing the attention of numerous viewers worldwide.



The footage shared on TikTok by @thegravedigger shows the four men, who happen to be miners, hastily fleeing from what is described as ‘hell’ while working in a cave at an undisclosed mining site.



The TikToker, whose identity remains undisclosed, claims that the miners stumbled upon an inexplicable occurrence during their routine work activities, leading them to dub it as an encounter with “hell.”


Many netizens have been left both intrigued and puzzled by the video, with many flooding the comments section with questions and speculations about the nature of the event.


Netizens Reactions….



Farzana_Nasrullah said; “it is not hell . No one knows where is hell.”


NEPIAGO said; “Have you not heard of the Bull Worm there isn’t a heaven or hell.”


Nabila💯asked; “By the way hell is not on the earth?


Kcboyyy said; “That’s not hell it’s the giants under the grounds eating people that are missing.”


_Riley_Freeman said; “Hell isn’t on earth😭😭😭.”


Phxlawnandlandscaping.com said; “What if Earth is hell and were all prisoners.”


silver wing said; “Hell is not on earth and people who died are asleep until judgement day when Jesus comes to judge them then they go to heaven or hell.”


trae said; “Hell is in another dimension.


Matthew Prout said; “To be fair why would hell be on earth if its even real.


People stuck crying for help and then they just leave cus they think it’s hell 😭”


Your really tuff said; “Heaven and hell are real. It either gets worse or it gets better. Depends if you’re up with Jesus or down with the devil.”


random vids said; “I don’t need proof that hell is real because I know it’s real.”


Lexi said; “I showed this to mu bf and he just said “who cares about hell? if God is too scared to come back to earth because of what he created then we sure as.”


See video below;



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