Here Are 6 Common Things Killing Your Spèrm And Testosterone:

The average 30 year old today has the same testosterone levels as a 60 year old in 1950


Low testosterone is linked to:


• Low spèrm count

• Low sèx drive

• Erectile dysfunction

• Reproductive problem

• Fat gain & muscle loss


Avoid these 6 things killing your testosterone:

1) Chemicals


Those shown to lower testosterone include:


• Bisphenol-A (BPA), found in receipt paper

• Phthalates and parabens, found in cosmetics

• Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), found in nonstick cookware


All of the above are also commonly found in plastics.


2) Chronic stress


Cortisol (the stress hormone) interferes with testosterone production.


Stress can also make us sleep less, eat junk food, and binge drink…


All of which further destroy your testosterone levels.


Manage your stress, fellas.


3) Processed meats


These contain nitrates as a preservative.


One study found nitrate consumption lowered testosterone by 25%.


Minimize processed meats like:


• Jerky

• Hot dogs

• Cold cuts


Stick to natural meats like grass-fed beef and wild-caught fatty fish instead.


4) Birth control in water


Chemical birth control has estradiol (a form of estrogen).


It is excreted via bodily waste – and winds up in our tap water.


Studies show exposure to estradiol lowers testosterone in men.


Read the book Estrogeneration by Anthony Jay to learn more.


5) Low cholesterol intake


Cholesterol has been demonized.


But it’s the building block of testosterone.


Your body can’t produce testosterone if you cut your cholesterol intake too low.


Healthy sources of cholesterol:


• Eggs

• Grass-fed meats

• Fatty wild-caught fish



6) Consuming large amounts of soy


Studies have found men who consume large amounts of soy have lower testosterone than men who don’t.


Products high in soy include:


• Beer

• Tofu

• Soy milk

• Edamame

• Vegan burgers

• Soy protein powder


Courtesy: Stirling Cooper


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