Here Are The Top 5 Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) And 8 Remedies To Get You Back To Normal

Most people don’t realize what causes of Erecter Dysfunction (ED).


It’s time to unlock the truth.


Here are the top 5 causes of ED and 8 remedies to get you back to normal:



Cause #1: Physical health


The most common underlying causes of ED are related to cardiovascular disease.


The body’s blood vessels, therefore, have a direct effect on ED.


Cause #2: Diabetes


Diabetes can cause neurological damage, which can affect the mechanism that leads to an erection.




Control your blood sugar levels with medication, diet, and exercise.


Cause #3: Hormonal Imbalance


When the levels of male hormones (testosterone) drop, sex drive can become impaired.




Talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


Cause #4: Medications


Certain drugs can cause ED.




Speak to your healthcare provider about adjusting your medication or dosage or an alternative medication. 💊


Cause #5: Psychological Factors


Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress can all affect the brain’s ability to send messages to the body, which can significantly alter your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.



Talk to a healthcare professional or therapist to work through any underlying issues.


If you suspect a physical cause, see a doctor for testing.


It’s essential to understand the underlying cause of ED to determine the appropriate treatment.


Don’t be embarrassed to talk to a healthcare provider.


In summary, the top 5 causes of ED are:


↳ Physical health

↳ Diabetes

↳ Hormonal Imbalance

↳ Medications

↳ Psychological Factors


And, 8 remedies to get you back to normal:


↳ Improve cardiovascular health

↳ Control blood sugar levels

↳ Consider hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

↳ Adjust or switch medication

↳ Seek treatment for psychological factors

↳ Quit smoking



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