“He’s Not One Of Us’ – Israel Adesanya Blasts UFC Fighter Dricus Du Plessis

Nigerian-born Australian UFC fighter, Israel Adesanya, believes that South African fighter, Dricus du Plessis has a “colonial mindset” for trying to make him look less African.

Israel Adesanya and Dricus du Plessis have finally gotten their date in the Octagon after their initial attempt to battle fell apart. They are billed to fight at their UFC 305 main event in Australia on August 18.

This will be Adesanya’s first fight since he lost his UFC middleweight title to Sean Strickland at the UFC 293 in Sydney last September.

Following the defeat, Adesanya went on his longest-ever break from the game as he healed from the bruises he sustained from his last fight.

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Before his break from the UFC, the Nigerian-born fighter and Du Plessis, who is now the UFC middleweight champion, have been having a go at each other especially after the South African fighter argued that he is the “first real African champion” discrediting Kamaru Usman from Nigeria, Francis Ngannou from Cameroon, and Adesanya.

Du Plessis’ reason for this claim was that he is the only UFC star who still lives and trains in an African country, South Africa. As for Adesanya, he currently lives in New Zealand, while Usman and Ngannou are based in America.

In the buildup to his clash with the South African UFC fighter, Israel Adesanya told Code Sports that Du Plessis should have asked to be the fourth member of the “African champions” instead of trying to make himself the only one.

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“He’s not one of us, the way he tried to discredit me, Francis, and Kamaru, it’s like he’s not one of us. You’re not one of the three kings,” Adesanya said.

“The way he approached it was with a colonial mindset. He could’ve come in and said, ‘It’s cool that we have three African champions. It would be cool to be the fourth one.’ But he’s like, ‘No, I’m the real African champion.’ He could’ve been one of us, but he doesn’t want to be one of us. Where does that mindset come from? You see this, and you want it all for yourself.”

Adesanya added: “He’s trying to backtrack and take it back. Shut up. You know what you did, don’t back down now. I spoke to him in my native tongue. For me, it’s nice to lock in and let him know it’s not playing around.”

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