How Kidnappers Used Poisonous Snakes To Terrorise Us – Victims Recount Ordeal In Captivity


Abducted victims recently freed from captivity have recounted how kidnappers used poisonous snakes to terrorise them while in captivity.

Naija News reports that the victims narrated their ordeal during an interview with journalists, stating that there were many snakes in the forests inhabited by the bandits.

One of them, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the kidnappers threw them into snake-infested spots, and they had no choice but to call their relatives to sell their belongings.

He said, The kidnappers know the areas infested with snakes and would often throw the victims there. Immediately they see snakes, the fear-stricken victims will want to run away. The sight is used to frighten people.

“That is the time a victim can ask friends and family members to sell everything – house, land, cars, household items, shoes, just everything – to raise the ransom.”

According to some other victims, the situation is worse with the current heat as snakes leave their holes in search of fresh air and food.

A victim, who was taken to a thick forest in Kagara, in Niger, said the kidnappers are not spared as the snakes also bite them.

According to him, snakes in the Kagara forest are so common that the locals call them “kadangarun Kagara (Kagara lizards).”

He added, “The nights are often more traumatising. You are left outside in the dark, and a reptile may just creep through your legs.

“While I was in captivity, snakes bit some victims. The kidnappers were not spared as some of them also got bitten.” 


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