I Have Now Lost Four Of My Children In Military


The mother of the Commanding Officer of the 181 Amphibious Battalion, late Lieutenant Colonel A.H Ali, who was tragically killed alongside two majors, one captain, and 12 soldiers in Okuama, Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State last week, has shared her awful experience following the latest event.

Naija News reports that the slain officers and soldiers were members of the battalion stationed in the Bomadi Local Government Area of the state.

They were, however, ambushed and murdered by some heavily armed terrorists in the state last week, a development that raised great concerns in the country.

When the family of the late Lieutenant Colonel Ali was visited by journalists on Sunday, his mother, Hassana Hassan, lamented that she has now lost four of her children in tragic situations.

According to the deceased’s mother, Ali was the main provider for the family.

Conversing with journalists in her living room, appearing lost in contemplation as she recalled past challenges, Hassan mentioned that mere words could not capture the depth of her emotions following the loss of her firstborn son, Ali.

“He is one of my favourite children. As the eldest, he didn’t want to see me angry. He had never done anything wrong to me. I know him to be very loyal, easygoing and truthful in his dealings.

“He often asked for permission, just to come and see me and go back to his place of work.

“I don’t know what to do. His death is bitter in my heart, but God knows the best. The last time he came to see me was just two weeks ago. He said he was sorry that he couldn’t secure permission to come and see me until that day. He brought me foodstuff and other things to use for the fasting period and returned back to work.

“When I was in the hospital, I requested some money from him to settle the medical bills, and he sent it to me. Unfortunately, before we were discharged from the hospital, his brother came and said my attention was needed and that Alhaji Ali wanted to see me. I left to see him and he broke the news to me.

“Honestly, it is devastating because he is now the fourth one I lost. I have nothing to say but God is watching. He was very good to me; I lacked nothing from him. I have nothing to tell them, but God is watching everyone; he will judge on the final day,” she told Daily Trust.

The bereaved mother recalls a tragic incident where Ali’s younger brother, who served as an officer in the Nigerian Army, lost his life to suspected bandits during an ambush in Katsina State a few years back while on duty.

“His brother, Captain Jamilu Ali Hassan, also paid the supreme price in 2019 in Katsina State. His colleagues told me that they were helpless, so they allowed him to be killed in a manner that no one would wish, even his enemy,” Hassan lamented.

She went on to describe how her daughter, who was married to a military man as well, tragically passed away with her husband and his brother in a car accident during the fasting period several years back.

The mother said: “They came here during fasting like this to greet us, but they were involved in an accident on their way back home. She had escaped, but in trying to rescue her husband and his brother, she was caught by the fire and that’s how she also died.”

Hassana further mentioned that her late husband, who peacefully passed away after retiring from active duty, was the fourth military personnel she had lost.

“I don’t know what to do. I am speechless. But if anybody has a hand in this, God is watching and he will judge accordingly,” she noted.

My Children Will Never Join The Military – Late Ali’s Wife Declares

When journalists visited the home of the deceased Lieutenant Colonel Ali, his wife and six children were also grieving heavily.

In her response to journalists, the late Lieutenant Colonel Ali’s wife, Hauwa, declared that none of her children would join the military.

Hauwa, who could only nod sadly as tears continued to stream down her face, told newsmen that she had been married to the late lieutenant colonel for 16 years and that they had four sons and two daughters.

Naija News understands that Hauwa’s mother had been the spouse of a once formidable military officer.

Surrounded by her two sons and a daughter, Hauwa tearfully said: “Words cannot describe him because he was everything to us. He was a man of his word, dedicated to both his family and work.

“Apart from his family, he sacrificed his life for Nigeria, and that’s the price he has paid. I pray that wherever he is God, would continue to be with him.

“His dedication to humanity is one thing I will always remember. No matter how he was, once he was called to work, he would make sure he fulfilled it.”

Asked if she would allow some of her children to join the military in future, she said, “I will not advise any of his children to be in the military. Their father has already sacrificed his life for the country.

“We know that death is inevitable. As Muslims, we have to die at some point in time, but I am really shattered by the way my husband was killed. He called me that very day and told me that he was going on a peace mission. I never knew that it was the last time we would speak.

“Nobody could call to tell me the news until Saturday. I was called from the State House.”


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