If A Girl Is Ignoring Your Chat Online, Send Her This Powerful Message Now

What you’re ABOUT to discover will show my test and trusted way to quickly get women to respond to your chat if she’s ignoring your message and giving you attitude.



Is there a fine girl you have been chatting with, then suddenly her response to you diminish and she started ignoring your message?



Let me show you how to make her reply your message immediately…



But wait…



Why am I qualified to teach you this?



Well, I’m already very much popular here on nairaland. But in case you don’t know me yet, I’m the author of Top G Dating secrets (shameless approach) and a lot guys are really digging the book.



Here on nairaland and other online space and offline, I’ve giving out lots of EYE-OPENING, REALISTIC AND MIND-BLOWING dating drills to guys that have step-up their game with women dramatically.



I get compliments like, “you are badass in this” or “I’ve never seen anyone with your type of dating knowledge” or “you are the best so far” some even say, “did you study womanology…” and many more….



Well, those praise may swell my head a bit. But that’s not the aim…my primary AIM is just ensuring that serious and responsible minded guys can easily get girls/women without having to shower them with cash or expensive gift



Now, with that out of the way.



Let’s begin…



In your Facebook or WhatsApp chat, I believe there are girls who you have been chatting with…The chat was flowing well initially, but then suddenly she lose interest in the chat and start ignoring your message.



In response to that, most guys would be like:



Girl: [*ignoring the chat*]



Guy: “Hello dear”



Girl: [*keep ignoring the chat*]



Guy: “Please response to my message dear. Are you busy?”



Girl: [*keep ignoring the chat*]




When you respond in that manner, she immediately assume you are needy supplicating loser, and her interest for you will even diminish the more.





Instead of that needy loser response….





Here’s a more POWERFUL way to respond when she ignores your chat?



Message her this:


“So you are that type of girl that just ignores a guy’s message for no reason?”



TRY THIS NOW. Messages all the ladies who suddenly started ignoring you, and see the magic that will happen.


I guarantee you that 80-90% of them will respond to you in less than 24 hours.



Some might explain themselves to you the reason why they Ignore your message; some might get upset; Some might apologize to you. some might be give any other random responds.



Note: make sure you send her the exact message:



“So you are that type of girl that just ignores a guy’s message for no reason?”



Once she sees that message, there’s high chance, she’ll QUICKLY respond to you.



Here’s the kicker: if she responds to you, then chances are that she might be INTERESTED IN YOU.



Here’s the kicker: if she responds to you, then chances are that she might be INTERESTED IN YOU.



If a girl initially like you but she suddenly starts loosing interest, then you are doing something wrong; that was even why she even started ignoring your conversation in the first place.



That’s where my book, Top G Dating secrets comes to save day. This book teach you how to bring out a girl sexual and make her chase your attention.



How do I know this book will work?


I know it will work for because IT’S ALREADY WORKING for the guys who have read the book.



99% of guys who have read the have me nothing but positive feedbacks; even here on Nairaland…



The reason why the book is so effective is because it WORK EFFECTIVELY ON NAIJA GIRLS.



Click in my profile or signature to give it a try…



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