Kano Hisbah Arrests Wanted TikToker Murja Kunya

The Kano State Hisbah Board has arrested Murja Ibrahim Kunya, a popular TikToker known for her controversial content on social media.

The news of Murja’s arrest was reported by multiple local radio stations in Kano metropolis early Tuesday morning.

This followed an earlier manhunt launched for Murja and five other Tiktokers by the Kano State Hisbah Board about three weeks ago.


LEADERSHIP reports that the Board had accused six well-known TikTokers, including Murja, of sharing explicit materials on their TikTok platforms and other social media handles.


The individuals on the Hisbah’s radar along with Murja were Abubakar Ibrahim (G-Fresh), Sadiya Haruna, Ashiru Idris (Maiwushirya), Ummee Shakira, and Hassan Makeup.


The Shari’a enforcement arm of the State Government has maintained a sealed lips on Murja Kunya’s arrest, leaving the public curious about the exact grounds for her arrest and possible further action.

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