Medical Conditions That Can Make A Person Suddenly Slump And Die And Foods To Avoid

One of the worst things that may happen is to see someone one day and then find out the next that they have passed away. These kinds of passings are typically more shocking when the individual in question looks to be in good health and shows no symptoms or warning indications of any illness. Unfortunately, such fatalities have, in recent decades, become so regular in Nigeria that it is possible to just hear that a supposedly healthy person fell and that all efforts to revive them proved to be fruitless.





The question is, what factors lead to such unexpected deaths? There is almost always more than one cause of death, and in many of these cases, the cause is a “silent killer” disease, which does not display any warning signals until it has progressed to its most advanced stages. On the other hand, many experts in the field of medicine feel that sudden deaths frequently include both the heart and the brain. The purpose of this article is to investigate two (2) medical conditions that cause certain people to suddenly become lethargic and confused, leaving their loved ones and friends bewildered.



The next sections will look at both of these issues:


1. Sudden cardiac arrest



According to healthline, The human heart functions as an electrical pump, and its pumping action is made possible by a sort of electrical spark that is produced when the muscle cells in the heart contract at the same time to produce a heartbeat. This causes blood to be pumped through the heart’s valves and into all of the body’s organs. However, if the electrical system of the heart is inflamed, this mechanism may fail, and it will be unable to produce the activities that allow the heart to beat. This would result in the heart not beating. Because of this, the heart muscle would be unable to pump blood throughout the body, especially to the brain, which would ultimately result in death.



Diseases of the heart, such as blood clots, inflammation of the heart muscle, cardiomyopathy, narrowing of the aortic valve, and other similar conditions, are among the most common causes of sudden cardiac arrest. Diet has a significant influence in the majority of the conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest; therefore, it is important to monitor how much of specific foods you eat because they can have a detrimental impact on your heart.



Sugary and salty foods, as well as red meat, bacon, processed meats, soda, baked goods, white rice, pasta, bread, pizza, and alcoholic beverages are examples of this type of food.



2. Stroke



Another possible reason for the unexpected passing of a human being is a stroke. It happens when there is a disruption in the blood supply that is contained within the brain, which ultimately results in the death of brain cells. The loss of brain cells is particularly harmful and could result in an unexpected death if the area of the brain that is afflicted is the part of the brain that controls the body’s natural life support systems such as breathing and heartbeat. In the most severe forms of stroke, the person who has been afflicted may be in a condition of coma, which may indicate that the stroke is so severe that the person may not live.




High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are only some of the primary risk factors that have been linked to strokes. It is recommended that you cut back on the amount of certain foods that you eat because they are linked to an increased risk of having a stroke. Diet plays an important part in stroke attacks. Foods high in salt content, foods rich in saturated fats, foods high in trans fats, foods high in cholesterol, and meals high in alcohol are just some examples of the types of foods that fall into this category.



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