My Ex-husband Showed Me Shege, So I Had To Repackage Myself


Self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO has opened up on her experience when she was married to her ex-husband.

According to her, she got married at the tender age of 18, but walked out of the union at 21 because her estranged husband was abusive.

Okoro stated that after her bitter marriage experience, she repackaged herself, stressing that her ex-husband won’t be able to recognise her anymore.

Speaking in the latest episode of her TV show, ‘Moments With Blessing CEO,’ she said: “I married at the age of 18, I divorced at the age of 21. Na man show me shege so I had to repackage myself and change my name from Blessing Nkiruka to Blessing CEO.

“If my ex-husband sees me now, he won’t be able to recognise me. Because that woman he married before is not the woman he is seeing now.”

She said marriage is difficult, stressing that it is better to walk away than to endure bad marriage.

Cheating Shouldn’t Make You Leave Your Marriage – Blessing CEO

Meanwhile, Blessing has berated women who leave their homes due to infidelity

In the inaugural episode of her television show, Moments With Blessing CEO, she expressed the opinion that cheating does not justify ending a marriage.

She further argued that if women are capable of concealing the paternity of their children from their husbands, they should equally tolerate infidelity.

Blessing CEO said, “I left my marriage because of domestic violence, my husband is not a cheat. Sometimes we women have to accept we are the problem.

“Cheating shouldn’t make you leave your marriage, the same way you hide a DNA result, keep it a secret if your husband is cheating.”


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