Nigerians React To Old Video Of Adeboye Rendering ‘Questionable Prayer’ For Christians From Other Denominations


Nigerians are currently reacting to an old video of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye praying for his congregants.

In the video shared on the X platform, the clergyman could be heard praying that Christians from other denominations should bow dow down to his congregants.

Watch the video below,

Reacting to the video, some Nigerians opined that the clergyman’s prayer was normal in the Christendom while others argued that such prayers would cause division.

Other netizens insisted that it was time for the man of God to retire.

Below are comments culled by Naija News 

Gallar, “Even if this prayer get as e be, but if we really check am RCCG is the biggest church in Nigeria and has the largest congregation.”

Muriel, “I don’t like this prayer point but I can’t condemn such a great man of God.”

Big Joe, “When a man meets the criteria to be a retiree BUT refuses to leave the stage – mistakes abound.”

Okakaodumodu, “This is the kind of prayer that destroys the Christian faith. This is the kind of prayer that instills subtle superiority over others in the heart of the one screaming amen.”

Bernard, “But your father prays you be better than your friends. Or does he pray the opposite over you?”

Jaytrute, “It’s the way the members are shouting “Amen” smh. They can’t even tell the difference between right and wrong🤦🏽‍♀️. I mean, what happened to not fostering division and exclusivity within the body of Christ.”

Feminine, “Those of you praying that God should make you the first and not the last is it not the same prayer.”

Brenda, “If you don’t read the Bible there is no point understanding that prayer point, like the scripture is right there. You people should leave this man be abeg and focus on other pressing matters.”

De-oracle, “Could this be cause of his age? He made made similar statements not long ago.”

Only son, “I’m not worried about his utterances… I’m worried about the echoing “Amen” We’re in trouble.”


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