Prophet Fufeyin Offers Followers Millions In Naira, Dollars To Reduce Hardship

Founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, has offered his members a lifeline to the tune of millions of Naira and Dollars to assuage the current hunger and hardship in the country.

Fufeyin, during his Cash-In-Flow Programme, gave about N500,000 each to selected members going through difficult times as others received foreign currencies from the billionaire cleric known for charity.

The development, currently making waves on the internet, saw the clergyman, who is also known as PapaJ, offering stack cash to his members and partners.

The initiative, which has triggered reactions on social media following a video posted by the church, saw Fufeyin performing diverse miracles amid the charity-oriented event.

Already, the program has gained massive attention online, with many praising Fufeyin for his selfless act of kindness and demonstration of faith.
Most of his online followers and supporters while reacting to the video, expressed their gratitude and admiration for the famous prophet.

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s Cash-In-Flow Program has not only captured the attention of social media users but has also touched the hearts of many who have witnessed the miraculous acts of healing and deliverance performed during the program.

As the program continued to gain momentum online, it was clear that the billionaire prophet’s message of love, hope, and prosperity was resonating with a global audience.

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