Reps Raise Concerns As Over 7,000 Prisoners Escaped From Jailbreaks In Nigeria

The House of Representatives has expressed concerns over the spate of prison breaks across the country in eight years.

During its last sitting, the lawmakers called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to promptly establish a judicial panel of inquiry to address the prison attacks in the country, stressing how crucial it is to prevent any future assaults on Nigeria’s security apparatus.

Furthermore, the House has directed the Committees on Interior and Reformatory Institutions to collaborate with relevant federal government agencies in order to establish threat management protocols in correctional centres nationwide.

They are also tasked with gathering data on inmates by enrolling them in the National Identity Number system.

A comprehensive report is expected within four (4) weeks, which will guide further legislative action.

The House of Representatives observed that between September 2015 and July 2023, there have been 17 reported cases of jailbreaks across Nigeria, resulting in over 7,000 escapees.

They noted the recent incident in Niger State, where 118 inmates escaped during a rainstorm.

The lawmakers said this event has once again drawn attention to the concerning state of the nation’s correctional centres’ security architecture and the imminent danger it poses.

The members of the House of Representatives emphasized that prison officials’ lack of proper combat and confrontation training makes it challenging to defend against such attacks.

They stressed the imperative of establishing upgraded prison facilities equipped with well-trained security guards, fortified walls, perimeter fences, sturdy gates, and modern surveillance equipment to detect security breaches effectively and prevent future assaults.

Naija News reports that these resolutions were made following the adoption of a motion presented by Rep Kabiru Alhassan Usman Rurum from Kano State.

Rurum, in his motion, highlighted the alarming trend of incessant attacks on custodial facilities of the Nigerian Correctional Service, leading to the frequent escape of both convicted and awaiting trial inmates.

In his motion, Rurum expressed that these developments pose a significant threat to society and undermine the country’s security architecture.

He further highlighted the serious consequences of jailbreaks, as it allows criminals to reintegrate into society.

According to him, their refusal to return to prison indicates their intention to continue committing heinous acts, resulting in a deteriorating security situation throughout the country.

Rurum emphasized that prison breaks pose a significant threat to national security and that it is crucial to implement stringent measures to prevent further incidents.

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