‘Resign If You Are Overwhelmed By Nigeria’s Challenges’


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been asked to step down from his position if he is overwhelmed with the series of challenges currently confronting the country.

Governors elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) made the call while regretting challenges affecting the country under the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration.

The PDP Governors, in a recent statement, emphasized the importance of the ruling party fulfilling its mandate to address Nigeria’s issues rather than exacerbating them or resorting to blame-shifting and misinformation.

They highlighted that the difficulties experienced by Nigerians transcend tribal, religious, or political affiliations, underscoring that “a hungry man is an angry man.”

The governors noted that while all levels of government have a role to play, it is the responsibility of the APC-led Federal Government to mobilize Nigerians and all branches of government for sustainable solutions. They added that if the government is unable to fulfil this role, it should gracefully step aside.

The opposition camp further highlighted that the ultimate responsibility lies with the President, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria, the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federation, as well as the leader and chief advocate for Nigeria.

Nevertheless, they expressed their commitment to working together with the President to find lasting solutions to the challenging situation that has been created or worsened by the APC since 2015.

The PDP Governors also expressed their disappointment with the Minister of Information, the APC Governors’ Forum, and other officials of the APC-led Federal Government who criticized the PDP-GF for their suggestions, advice, and patriotic efforts to chart a way forward for the country. This was stated in a communique issued at the conclusion of their recent meeting in Abuja.

“Attempts by the Minister of Information, APC Governors’ Forum and other officials of the Federal Government who criticised the PDP Governors’ Forum for their patriotic intervention should be guided by the fact that the APC sought power to solve the problems of Nigeria, not to compound them or shift blame, or grandstand or use propaganda to obfuscate or confuse issues.

“PDP governed States are comparatively the best in Nigeria in terms of developmental policies, programmes, and projects that benefit their States positively, regular payment of salaries, pensions, gratuities, and minimum wage to their workforce.

“State governments that are delinquent on these issues are not of PDP extraction. It is false to say so.

“Even the food crises are exacerbated by insecurity and high exchange rate issues, among others, which are largely federal subjects.

“The PDP Governors as stakeholders in governance would continue to work collaboratively with Mr President to find lasting solutions to a very difficult situation created or exacerbated by the APC since 2015. We believe in cooperative Federalism.

“We are not in doubt that he is trying his best. We only hope and pray that his best is good enough to take Nigeria out of the woods in the shortest possible time,” the opposition party said in the statement signed by the Director-General of PDP Governors’ Forum, Hon CID Maduabum.


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