Stakeholder Debunks Job Loss With AI Adoption

A digital expert and founder/head of Communications and Strategy at Carpe Diem Solutions, Edward Israel-Ayide has dismissed fear that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will lead to job loss but will rather help to prune and address hunger in the land.

This is just as he claimed that the use of AI will tackle hardship, hunger and unemployment in the long run as more hands will be engaged in creativity.

Speaking during a programme in Lagos, he claimed that use of AI will create the urge for continuous training and education of workers whereby more jobs will be created.

Although he pointed out that there could be job loss, he added that, more jobs will be created by establishment of many centres of learning.

Israel-Ayide, who made this known when he spoke on ‘Winning Consumer Trust in an AI Powered World,’ during 2024 Brand Journalists Association of Nigeria (BJAN) World Consumers Day in Lagos, noted that, AI enables businesses to understand consumer behaviour, preferences and needs on a granular level.

This knowledge allows for the creation of personalised and tailored experiences, from product recommendations to targeted marketing messages, enhancing customer satisfaction and job creation,he pointed out.

According to him, “AI is not coming to take over our job but a tool to enhance it. Although, there are increasing risk in their usage but, the path forward lies in adopting and upholding fair and responsible AI principles.”

He further explained that, AI will also lead to Sustainable Development Goal which will lead to promotion of full and productive employment for all, charging Nigerians to see AI as new emerging market that will lead to increase of wealth and creation of jobs.

Proper use of AI will not only strengthen brand/consumer relationship but it will lead to generation of more jobs in the long run, he said.



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