Tinubu’s Top Security Officer Appointed As New King In Northen State

Lt. Col. Nurudeen Yusuf, who serves as President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Aide-de-camp (ADC), has been appointed as the new king of Ilemona Town in Kwara State.

Naija News understands that as the new king, Lt. Col. Yusuf will oversee the customs and administrative affairs of Ilemona Town.

He is committed to continuing the legacy of his forebears while fostering prosperity and development within the town.

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Lt. Col. Yusuf is the son of the late Oba Yusuf Omokanye Oyekanmi, the previous Elemona of Ilemona in the Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State.

Lt. Col. Nurudeen Oyekanmi is the son of the late monarch, Oba Yusuf Omokanye Oyekanmi.

His academic journey began at the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, specializing in electrical and electronics.

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Furthering his military education, Yusuf attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) in the United Kingdom from 2004 to 2005 and the Nigerian Army Intelligence School in Lagos in 2006.

He also holds a postgraduate diploma in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from the National Open University (NOUN) and a master’s degree in Defence Studies from Kings College, London, which he obtained in 2018.

Throughout his distinguished career, Lt. Col. Yusuf has held several key positions:

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– 119 Intelligence Group, Lagos: Officer in charge (technical)

– HQ 4 Brigade, Benin: Operations Officer

– Presidential Body Guard, State House, Abuja (2015): Officer Commanding

– State House Military Intelligence Group: Officer Commanding

– Nigerian Army Intelligence Corp (NAIC) (2017): Staff Officer Grade 1

– Nigerian Defence Section, Paris, France (2020-2022): DDA Librarian

– Headquarters, NAIC, Abuja: Staff Officer prior to his appointment as President Tinubu’s ADC.

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