Use This Local Herb To Cure Toothache, Stomach Ulcer And Snake bite

Health is one of the best investments you can make in your life, and you should always be thankful and grateful for good health. One of the most common health problems that bother people is a painful dental problem that can be fixed. People have spent a lot of money on hospitals and drugs, which sometimes work and sometimes don’t depending on how bad the dental problem is.




In this article, I’ll tell you about a local herb that can help you save money and time by treating stomach ulcers, snakebites, and dental problems without having to go to the doctor.





This herb is called “Sodom Apple” in the area, and this is how it can be used to treat those conditions.





1. Stomach Ulcers.


Here, you’ll need to pull the plant’s roots out of the ground and wash them. Boil the fresh roots in enough water for about 30 minutes, then strain the mixture through a sieve to get the boiled water. You are then told to drink at least a cup full of it every day for at least a week, and ulcers will heal.




2. Tooth Ache


Here, you can also get the plant’s fresh roots, clean them, and peel the bark off of them. Then you should chew on the root with the tooth that hurts so that the juice from the root drips onto the tooth that hurts. This will definitely help your tooth hurt.





3. Bites from bugs or snakes.


Here, as soon as a snake or bug bites you, tie the area tightly to stop the poisoned blood from leaking out. Then, press and gently pull the venom out of the wound. Get the plant’s leaves, crush them, and put them on the area that is hurt. You should definitely go back to your doctor for more help.

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